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The Northwest Golf Tour offers the benefits of being in a men's club, without the monotonous feel of playing the same course every weekend.  The NWGT does not use any type of handicapping system, what you shoot is exactly that.  There are no gimmies, mulligan's, do-over's,  ect.  Nothing but a true score, in a completive environment, on a different golf course every weekend.  Players are Ranked using their last five rounds and a point system in which GIR's, Putts, Par saves and most importantly Score and what place you Finished.

 The Northwest Golf Tour is committed to having fun and improving the member's golf skills.  If you have some game BRING IT, if you've lost your game FIND IT, and if you don't have any, never had any, and will never have any game then just come out and PLAY!



"You can't direct the wind, but you can adjust your sails"